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Steel firm seeks Palace probe of Customs team’s illegal raids

A steel company has called on President Aquino to look into alleged abuses of Customs personnel who, without authority, tried to raid its warehouse in Bulacan last week.

Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corporation’s complaints followed the exchange of charges and counter-charges between it and Customs personnnel in a dispute that broke out last January.

“We have to be brave to come out now. We want to run our business peacefully. We have been in business for 16 years and it is our first time to experience this,” said Jenny Chan, vice president for finance of Sanyo Seiki Stainless Steel Corp.

Chan told reporters that a group of Customs employees tried to barge into the firm’s warehouse in Meycauayan, Bulacan armed with a “defective” mission order that had the wrong name and address.

The mission order dated June 30 also violated Customs Memorandum Order 52-93 for having no contact person and number from Customs Bonded Warehouse Unit, chan said. The “raiding team” was not accompanied by a representative of the Philippine Exporters Confederation, another violation of the rules, according to Chan.

The Customs personnel were denied entry to the warehouse after Sanyo Seiki’s legal group found their mission order defective.

Sanyo Seiki filed on June 29 graft charges, direct bribery, grave coercion, grave threats, betrayal of public trust and usurpation of authority against three Customs officials and four private individuals before the Ombudsman.

Charged were Customs Bonded Warehouse Unit chief and Collection Officer Lucila Medina; Deputy Commissioner and Run After The Smugglers Unit head Gregorio Chavez; his chief of staff, Jet Maronilla; spouses Godofredo and Anabelle Mozo, both Customs brokers; Leo Peter Paul Gonzales, a former chief operating officer of the steel firm; and a certain Marilyn Jong.

In its complaint, the firm said that Medina, Chavez and Maronilla conspired with private respondents to extort P15 million in order for them to refrain from disrupting the operations of Sanyo Seiki, release the illegally seized goods, and stop the undue publicity against the steel firm.

News from Manila Standard Today.

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