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Steel firm sues 2 Customs officials for bribery

December 5, 2011 Leave a comment

THE president of Binondo-based Sanyo Seiki Steel Corp on Wednesday asked the Ombudsman to file direct bribery and graft charges against two officials of the Bureau of Customs and four private individuals.

Gregory Uy Chan, aka Greg Chan, of Sanyo Seiki Steel Corporation accused Customs Collection Officer Lucila P. Medina, chief of the Customs Bonded Warehouse Unit; Deputy Commissioner Gregorio Chavez, head of the Run-After-The-Smugglers and his chief of staff Jet Maronilla, of conspiring with private respondents Godofredo Mozo, Anabel Mozo and Marlene Jong, all Customs brokers.

Jong represented herself as the wife of Chavez , the complaint said.

Another accused is Leo Peter Paul Gonzales, former chief operating officer of Sanyo Seiki Steel.

Chan’s complaint said that Medina, Chavez and Maronilla conspired with private respondents to extort P15 million from him in order for them to refrain from disrupting the operations of Sanyo Seiki, release the illegally seized goods, and stop the undue publicity against the steel firm.

Not content with the P15 million they had extorted from him, Chan said the respondents also demanded P40 million in return for the withdrawal of the charges they filed against him before the Department of Justice.

Because of the concerted acts of the respondents, Chan said that banks refuse to transact with Sanyo Seiki.

While the case is being investigated, Chan said the accused Customs officials should be suspended to preclude them from committing further irregularities and to prevent them from using their powers to tamper with the records that may be pertinent to the case.

He said their problem started in November 2010 when private respondents started extorting money from him, allegedly in connivance with the accused Customs officials.

Chan said he was approached by the Mozo couple and warned him that the BOC would soon be creating problems for the steel firm.

Chan said he was also told by the Mozos not to panic as they could make his problem go away. “All I had to do was give them fifteen million pesos (P15,000,000.00). When I asked them what the said money was for, they told me that they will be giving this money to pay off certain BOC officials—including Commissioner Angelito Alvarez and Deputy Commissioner Gregorio Chavez at Quezon City—so that they will no longer make any problems for Sanyo Seiki,” Chan said.

News from Manila Standard Today.